Simona Pikūnaitė dodio Marketing Executive

We’re a friendly bunch here at dodio, so we thought you’d like to find out more about the newest member of the team.

Introducing our new Marketing Executive, Simona.

Simona Pikūnaitė

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in the most rural part of Lithuania you can imagine. Then, against my parents pleading, I decided to move to UK. After living in Newcastle for 5 years I moved to Lincolnshire for a year but decided the North East is a place I will always call my second home so I moved back. I’m now living in rural Consett (can’t take the country girl out of me!) with my two dogs and my partner.

What is your role at dodio?

Marketing Executive/ newest addition to the team

Best thing about working at dodio?

I love the ‘vibes’. We also get to work with a wide variety of clients and it’s great knowing we have such a big impact on local businesses. Senga and Chris also bring their dog to the office sometimes. Need I say more?

What is your favourite food?

I would probably say ramen and sushi. Dessert wise, I love anything salted caramel flavoured and I’m a huge fan of cake. I’m on a mission to find good cake anywhere I travel. So far I still think Lithuanian cakes are the best but I am willing to be proven wrong.

What is your party trick?

I used to attend a lot of parties when I was in University, now I am more of an introvert so a party is not somewhere I would go unless I absolutely HAD to. However, during my University fresher year, I used to out push-up most people. Good fun!

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am a gym bunny at heart and love strength training. As an ex personal trainer, I could go on long rants about why I think everyone should do it. Besides that, I like hiking, painting and video games. I’ve been obsessed with Skyrim since it came out and no one can convince me it’s not the best video game ever made.

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

As a child, I wanted to be a cashier. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. I guess it could be because I remember going to Sunday markets with my family and seeing them sell loads of baked goods. I guess I thought they can eat as much of them as they want.

The other option was a professional tricycle driver. Unfortunately that dream never worked out.