We need to talk about, Kevin

If you’ve invested time and money into an employee that does as little work as possible, and hides in the corner avoiding contact with anyone I’m sure they wouldn’t last long.  Unfortunately, we see many websites doing exactly that… nothing.  Just like the humans in your team your website should be achieving set goals and be subject to performance evaluations.  So, should you fire your website?

It’s appraisal time and your website, let’s call him Kevin is next.  Here’s the questions you should be asking…

Hi Kevin.  Come in, take a seat.

So, you’re a website and have been for a year now.  Can you provide me with some accurate data that shows how well you interact and engage current clients?

How often do you provide fresh content that is read and shared?

Do you provide accurate up-to-date information about our business, and make contacting and interacting with us easy?

Do you provide a pleasurable shopping experience where items are easy to locate and checkout is quick and smooth?

Can you provide me with your performance data in order to target relevant audiences better?

Do you professionally represent the company on every type of device i.e. desktop, mobile phone and tablet?

Finally what are you going to change to improve on your performance last year?

How did Kevin do? Is he performing?  Is he a team player? It could be time to let Kev go.

Your website can be your most powerful online asset when performing properly. Think of it as your sales manager, it should be very well presented, qualified for the position, be given specific goals and held accountable if it fails to achieve them.

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