Fingers crossed, we’re heading out of lock-down for good.

Business will recover and things will eventually go back to the way they were before… almost. One thing that research suggests will be permanently altered is consumer shopping habits.

Here are some interesting, but not unsurprising stats*;

3 in 5 people in the UK have purchased more online than they did before lockdown.
77% of these say they will continue to purchase more online after lockdown.
39% said they had been encouraged to make online purchases that they wouldn’t have considered before, things like pet food, meat, shoes.

So in a nutshell… we’re all spending more money online and most of us will continue that habit lock-down or not!

Another interesting stat is that a whopping 50% of online shoppers reported poor online shopping experiences. This should perhaps have been expected, as many shops, restaurants etc try to react to the new shopping landscape and quickly cobble together the best solutions they can to keep business going. Things like telephone orders, orders via Facebook messenger and unsatisfactory website options.

When a consumer makes a purchase online they expect a few things before having the confidence to part with their money;

  • A user friendly experience
  • Pricing/shipping information clearly stated
  • A credible and trustworthy perception
  • A total cost calculator
  • A secure payment facility

Things like being able to search your products, display trusted reviews and offer special offers/voucher codes are all great little extras that can increase sales.

We’ve put our heads together to develop a cost effective solution that can fit any shop and includes all of these features and more for just £599

Including domain name registration and 1 year hosting our post Lock-down eCommerce package includes;

  • SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited number of products**
  • PayPal payment gateway
  • Stock management
  • Sale and Voucher Code options
  • Product search functionality
  • Customer account facility
  • Comprehensive delivery options
  • Contact form
  • Social media links

Sources; *A survey commissioned by global commerce services company PFS
**Each client will be supplied a spreadsheet in which to populate their products, and provided website access to add\amend

Take a look at the case study from our first post lock-down eCommerce website…Interested? Get in touch;