Case study: The Bricklaying Agency


The Bricklaying agency recruit and supply highly skilled, qualified bricklayers on a permanent, temporary or contract assignment basis. Newly incorporated, they have offices in the North East, Manchester and London, supplying a workforce throughout the UK.


Being newly incorporated they needed a brand identity that was synonymous with their industry but also reflected their own values to exude strength and make a lasting impression.

We paired with a bold typeface and colour palette which makes a lasting impression and exudes a strength and simplicity.


Following a comprehensive scoping exercise, it was identified that they required a site which delivered a simple but effective user experience. We developed a brochure website with an architecture that puts any information no more than a single click away, whether the website user is a candidate or client.


With the website structure ready and the user journey mapped, communicating to the website’s audience was key. Deliberately uncomplicated, we developed concise, straight to the point copy which is optimised for search, informative and encourages a Call to Action.