Case study: NHS Clients


dodio has worked with several NHS clients over the last 12 months, providing a range of services to enhance the user experience (UX) in organisations including South Tyneside Health Collaboration (STHC), the formal body representing 17 local general practices delivering primary care to over 100,000 registered patients, and individual medical centres and GP surgeries.

The NHS is in a period of significant change as it shifts to using more digital services. The needs of patients are changing too as they seek greater control over their own healthcare yet, for many patients, healthcare obviously remains an incredibly sensitive and personal matter.


We were first approached by Talbot Medical Centre in 2016 who were looking to enhance their service offering to patients online to enable more queries to be answered and basic services to be delivered digitally to ease the pressure on the surgery.

The client’s brief included the development of a new website. We developed the site in line with UX design principles, with a deep understanding of users in mind and taking account of their needs, abilities and limitations. Prior to launch, we delivered a comprehensive training programme alongside a tailored user guide for Talbot Medical Centre staff to allow them to undertake website changes in-house using the integrated WordPress CMS.

We developed a range of new photography assets for the client, both to enhance the visual appearance of the website, and to provide new headshots for all practice staff. To further enhance the centre’s digital representation and engagement with patients, we also set up social media platforms for the client and developed a range of marketing collateral including corporate stationery and promotional materials.

As a direct result of the work we had carried out with Talbot, we were commissioned by Farnham Medical Centre to develop a new brand identity, marketing collateral and a range of photography assets.


We were recommended to STHC by Talbot Medical Centre after the successful delivery of their new website. STHC is the new formal body representing 17 practices across the borough. It was developed to work across GP practices in South Tyneside to manage the impact of changes in the primary care sector over recent years.

As part of a wider shift towards increased digital provision across the sector, STHC required a website which not only helped to bridge the gap between healthcare professionals and patients in terms of service provision and healthcare management, but which also met the needs of a diverse range of stakeholders including GPs, practice managers and the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). We developed a website which helped to enhance the quality of service provision for patients across the borough, and which was also accessible and editable by the collaboration’s numerous stakeholders. We also delivered CMS training and user guides to STHC stakeholders.

We worked with the client to develop a brand identity which represented not only the values of the organisation, but of the sector as a whole. We developed concepts which reflected the aesthetics associated with the medical sector and linked in with widely recognised NHS iconography and colours to ensure the brand instilled trust and confidence in service users.

The new brand identity formed the stylistic framework for the website and facilitated the development of a range of marketing collateral for the client.

Our new website has not only enhanced our offer to our patients but has eased the pressure on the surgery in terms of the number of enquiries we receive. We're very pleased with the ongoing work dodio are delivering, developing our digital presence and improving engagement with our clients.
Stacey ReidPractice Manager, Talbot Medical Centre