Case Study – Monkey Hanger

Client: Monkey Hanger

Project Overview

Monkey Hanger are a nascent brand specialising in specialty coffee and small-batch gin. This case study explores how dodio developed Monkey Hanger’s brand and positioned it distinctively in the competitive markets of the US and UK.


Monkey Hanger faced the dual challenge of establishing brand awareness and driving sales in the highly competitive markets of specialty coffee in the US and artisan, small batch gin in the UK. The primary objectives were clear: carve out a unique brand identity, ignite customer engagement, and stimulate sales growth.


The challenge was twofold: firstly, to begin to break through the crowded market space, and secondly, to emphasise the quality and uniqueness of Monkey Hanger’s products. Tapping into the intriguing Hartlepool legend of the Monkey Hanger, the brand sought to create a connection with its audience through this unique storytelling angle.

Strategy and Implementation

Market Research

We worked with the Monkey Hanger team to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to identify their market position and target audience. This involved understanding consumer behaviour, market trends, and competitive analysis in both the US and UK markets.

Creative Strategy

We designed and developed a compelling brand identity for Monkey Hanger, intertwining the historical Hartlepool legend into its core messaging. This not only provided a distinctive narrative but also resonated with the target audience.

Digital and Physical Advertising

An integrated approach was adopted to advertising, encompassing website design, social media, outdoor advertising, and press releases. Each element was strategically designed to echo the brand’s unique story and quality.

Performance Analysis

Utilising tools like Google Analytics and Meta advertising performance, we continually refined their strategies based on real-time data, ensuring maximum impact and return on investment.


Our strategy led to a significant boost in brand awareness, as evidenced by increased website traffic and social media engagement. While specific sales figures are not disclosed, there was a noticeable increase in sales in the targeted regions, meeting the initial objectives of the project.

Client Testimonial

Wow! Chris, Senga, Jameson, and team are truly some of the very best marketers around. Talented, knowledgeable, creative, full of great ideas… and just awesome people to work with.

I partnered with dodio around 12 months ago to help me bring to life an idea for a quirky new brand, playing on the historical Hartlepool legend of Monkey Hanger. They understood my vision and massively exceeded my expectations in terms of the branding, website, social and advertising deliverables, and remain invested in helping us maximise our ROI.

The dodio team are like an extension of my team – not an external agency – and you can’t ask for more than that. Highly recommend!!

Ongoing Work and Future Plans

The partnership continues to thrive, with dodio consistently managing Monkey Hanger’s social media, advertising and website, ensuring sustained growth and brand presence.


The collaboration between dodio and Monkey Hanger is a testament to the power of a great partnership and a well-crafted marketing strategy. By intertwining a unique historical narrative with modern marketing techniques, dodio has not only helped establish Monkey Hanger as a noteworthy brand in its respective markets but also set a foundation for continued growth and success.

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