Case study: Marsden Damp


After 30 years in the preservation industry, trusted family business Marsden Damp were not short of enquires originating from recommendations and reputation alone.  However, they did feel that their brand and online presence was doing a poor job at showcasing their values and services to a new audience. In order to reach and engage a wider audience, they sought dodio’s expertise to redevelop their website.


Marsden Damp’s existing website was technically outdated and aesthetically unappealing, which can not only give a negative impression to Search Engines, but to users. Together with a poor UX on desktop and mobile, it was failing to carry out its objectives.  

We worked with Marsden Damp to develop a modern, responsive website on a platform with the flexibility to adapt and grow alongside the business.  Optimised for search and for the user journey, the new website now reflects the expertise and trust for which Marsden Damp are renowned.


We planned and delivered a number of photoshoots to capture Marsden Damp’s work and its people, which demonstrate the companies values, size and USPs to potential customers.  


We designed and produced large outdoor banners and door signs which provide useful information and help to raise brand awareness at Marsden Damp’s preservation project locations.