Case study: Little Drink Station


We were originally approached by family-run drinks dispense company, Laws Dispense Services, in 2018 when they sought to set up a new arm of their business. At the time, they were looking for our expertise in developing a new visual identity for the brand along with a website for the new venture.

Their new mobile bar, dubbed the Little Drink Station, was a quirkily converted horse barn which could be conveniently themed to fit the style of each event it was used for, including weddings, parties and corporate events. They provided a mix of cocktails, local craft beers and developed signature cocktails for events.

Seeking to adapt their business to Covid restrictions, the company approached us again in 2020 to develop their website further to include an ecommerce facility.


Aware that the majority of their competition was aimed at men, the Little Drink Station sought our expertise in developing a brand identity which appealed to a different market with a stronger focus on femininity, demonstrating the company’s unique offer.

We developed concepts centred around the brand’s core message of ‘good times’, with a focus on soft, warm colours and imagery related to soft bubbles to create a sense of fun but also a gathering of people.

The visual identity clearly stood out from Little Drink Station’s competitors, appealing to a new market and catching the attention of customers planning summer weddings and events.


We worked closely with Little Drink Station to understand the values and ambitions of the business and to get a clear sense of the company’s target audience to inform the design and functionality of the website project.

We developed a brochure website with a strong emphasis on demonstrating visually the USP of the business using a mixture of photography and branding concepts defined during the development of the company’s visual identity.

Whilst the design of the website was of paramount importance, we were careful to ensure that the functionality of the site matched its visual appeal. We developed a responsive and accessible site, tailored to the requirements of its customers, featuring an online booking system and a secure online PayPal payments system.


During 2020, the Little Drink Station was faced with Covid restrictions which served a devastating blow to their industry.
Keen to adapt and make their business viable, they approached us to upgrade their website with an ecommerce facility to allow them to sell their alcoholic beverages locally via a click and collect system.

We designed and implemented a solution whereby customers could purchase their products online and collect them safely at an allotted time.

Little Drink Station has had great success with this new venture and they are now rolling out their products across the UK via their ecommerce site.

The expertise provided by dodio in developing both our brand identity and website has been second to none. We knew that we wanted to differentiate our brand from our competitors, and dodio really took this onboard and helped us to communicate this visually. Their support in helping us adapt our business to the challenges we have faced in the last year has been invaluable.
Kelly Laws & Alix Pell