Case study: In At The Deep End


We had been working with first aid training provider, Training Wave, for several months, when they approached us to improve their brand identity and marketing for in at the deep end.

In at the deep end, provides swimming lessons for children and adults, both in school settings and via private tuition at venues across the North East. They were seeking a consistent and improved brand identity for the business, along with a website and digital marketing strategy to grow the business.


With no physical home for the company, the website would act as the main business hub and was therefore required to be not only visually appealing and reflective of the brand, but also provide an effective shop window, showcasing in at the deep end’s classes and services and providing the option to book and pay for classes securely online.

We worked closely with the client to understand the values of the brand, their ambitions for the business and their requirements for the website, and developed a visual identity for the business which not only appealed to its target audiences but reflected the personality of the business.

We developed a visually appealing website which was responsive and accessible, in line with UX design principles. The site showcased in at the deep end’s range of services with engaging content and appealing imagery and provided a secure booking and payment option. It was optimised for use across all modern web browsers and smart devices.


To enable the business to grow, in at the deep end required a comprehensive digital marketing strategy aimed at promoting its various classes and courses to potential customers and encouraging bookings via the website.

We set up social media platforms and carried out initial online community development and management, ensuring they were being seen by the right people and engaging in relevant groups and communities to facilitate brand awareness and loyalty.

We designed a number of bespoke social media creatives for the campaign along with creative copy tailored to each platform and incorporating a number of targeted sponsored posts with special offers and promotions.

We developed themed designs for print advertising to accompany the social media campaign, further generating brand awareness across key venues in the region and driving more traffic to the website.

The campaign was monitored and managed using Google Analytics which enabled us to track where traffic to the website was coming from, how they were engaging with the site, and to monitor conversion rates. This enabled us to identify the campaign’s strengths and weaknesses and to make adjustments along the way to ensure its success.

The social media campaign was well received by in at the deep end’s target audiences and, as a result, the company’s swimming lesson class schedule quickly became oversubscribed. As a result, the business has been able to offer additional classes, which exceeded their targets and expectations.

dodio played an integral role in the successful launch of in at the deep end, and we find ourselves in a strong position going forward into the new term as a result. We already have a strong and loyal social media following and we’re looking to build upon this over the coming months.
Mark McNicholin at the deep end