Brunton First School

Client: Brunton First School

Project Overview

In a competitive education landscape, Brunton First School sought to distinguish itself as a premier educational institution. Partnering with dodio, the school aimed to showcase its unique personality, quality, and the enriching experience it offers to students. The primary objective was to attract and communicate with stakeholders by vividly demonstrating the school’s ethos through a revamped digital presence.


  • Showcasing the quality of Brunton: Illustrating the high standard of education and care provided at Brunton First School.
  • Communicating the School’s Personality: Capturing and conveying the school’s unique vibe and nurturing environment.
  • Attracting Parents: Engaging prospective parents through a compelling digital narrative.


Website Development

Creating a user-friendly, informative, and visually appealing website that reflects the school’s ethos and educational excellence.

Photography and Video Production

Capturing the essence of the school through vibrant and engaging photography and video, highlighting the fun and educational environment.

Wall Vinyls

Enhancing the school’s physical space with creatively designed wall vinyls that resonate with the school’s spirit.


The project involved close collaboration with Brunton First School to ensure every aspect of the digital makeover aligned perfectly with their vision:

In-Depth Consultation: Understanding the school’s ethos and what sets it apart.

Strategic Planning: Developing a cohesive plan to convey the school’s message effectively through various mediums.

Creative Execution: Employing an innovative, holistic approach to the development and creation of their deliverables to capture and present the school with quality, consistency and accuracy.

Results and Impact

Positive Feedback: Feedback from the school, parents and other stakeholders has been overwhelmingly positive.

Enhanced Engagement: The new website, along with visual elements, significantly improved parent engagement and interest in the school.

Effective Communication: Successfully communicated the school’s personality and quality, aligning with the goal of attracting prospective parents.

Client Testimonial

We absolutely love our new website. Jameson and the team have gone above and beyond to create our amazing website. It is fresh, exciting and engaging and the comments from parents and the community are overwhelming. The video and photos by Chris are outstanding and really bring our school to life. Thank you so much to everyone in the team – Team Brunton


dodio’s comprehensive digital makeover for Brunton First School exemplifies how a well-crafted digital presence can effectively communicate an institution’s unique qualities and ethos. This project has enhanced the school’s digital footprint, improved communication with parents of pupils and plays a key role in attracting and engaging prospective families.

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