Case Study: Bon Bons Sweets & Shakes


Bon Bons are a very popular sweets and shakes shop in Chester Le Street and you only have to look through their window to realise why. There’s every sweet you can imagine; Traditional, American as well as cakes and shakes, it’s amazing! But what happens when Lockdown hits and the shutters come down on that window?

Bon Bons reacted quickly and wisely started to advertise their products on Facebook to their large sweet toothed social media community, but with the only way to place an order being via phone or messenger and no way to easily display the 100s or products available along with their price, weight and ingredients orders were sparse.


We developed an eCommerce website solution so that customers of Bon Bons could easily order from the entire range of treats available. To make sure the website offered a fantastic shopping experience whether from desktop, mobile or tablet we incorporated product categories and also pricing filters.

Bon Bons wished to offer free delivery on orders over a certain value to customers from particular post codes, so this functionality was added to automatically calculate at checkout.


While the website was developed to serve the valued and loyal local customers of Bon Bons, one of the great benefits of taking your brick and mortar store online is that your customers no longer need to be local. Upon launch, one of the very first customers to use the website to make a purchase was from almost 300 miles from the shop, in South London.

Now and post-lockdown, Bon Bons have an eCommerce website that can adapt and develop if needed and reach new customers anywhere on earth.

When lockdown hit, we knew we needed to act fast and adapt for our business to survive. dodio reached out to us and offered to help us take our business online and we couldn’t be happier with the result. Not only can we continue to serve our loyal, local customer base through the pandemic, we’ve also been able to expand our reach exponentially, putting the business in a strong position to prosper and grow in the future
Robert NicholsonOwner/Manager