Case study: bathbü



Bathbü is a range of luxury, eco-friendly bamboo bath caddies. dodio was approached by the start-up business whilst they were still in the product development stage for our expertise in naming, branding and packaging their range of products as well as developing product photography for e-commerce.


The business sought to launch online, selling initially via Amazon. It was therefore crucial to encapsulate the values of the brand and to appeal to its target audience through the visual identity and naming of the product.

We worked closely with the company to understand the values of the brand and their short- and long-term ambitions for the product. We developed a name and visual identity which not only encapsulated the style and functionality of the product itself, but also reflected the ethos of the brand and appealed to its target audiences.


As bathbü was seeking to launch online, selling initially via Amazon, we knew that getting the right product photography was key to the success of the brand. We story boarded and directed photo shoots to provide the brand with a range of valuable, professional photography assets with which to launch their e-commerce business.

We also formatted the imagery so that it complied specifically with Amazon’s image requirements, ensuring that the brand had a suitable range of appropriate images to facilitate an effective selling page via the site.


A product’s package is an essential aspect of a brand, so we understood the importance of creating a package design that accurately depicted the product, but which also reflected the values and ethos of the brand and appealed to its target audience. We developed a package design concept that tied in closely with the brand’s eco-friendly ethos, but which also reflected the luxuriousness of the product.

dodio was a crucial player in the development of the bathbü brand, and we’re so pleased to have had them on board to bring our ideas to life. Our products are selling well on Amazon and we’re looking forward to expanding the business in the new year.
Jim RobinsonDirector, Corrson Ltd