Adkins and Cheurfi

Client: Adkins & Cheurfi

Project Overview

Adkins and Cheurfi, a prominent recruitment agency, sought to modernise their brand to better reflect their dynamic personality and position within the industry. They turned to dodio to revitalise their brand identity and develop a comprehensive marketing strategy to enhance their market presence.


  • Develop a New Brand Identity: Create a modern, cohesive brand that aligns with Adkins and Cheurfi’s values and industry.
  • Implement a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy: Design and execute a marketing plan to raise brand awareness, improve reputation, and increase client and candidate engagement.


  • Marketing Strategy Workshop: Conducted an in-depth workshop to understand the agency’s USPs, target audience, and competitive landscape.
  • Brand Development: Crafted a new, modern brand identity that resonates with the agency’s mission and industry.
  • Website Development: Built a user-friendly, visually appealing website that showcases the new brand and improves user experience.
  • Photography: Captured professional headshots and lifestyle shots to enhance the visual appeal of the brand.
  • Social Media Management: Managed and optimised Adkins and Cheurfi’s social media presence to engage with a broader audience.


The project was carried out in several strategic phases:

  • Initial Workshop: Conducted a thorough analysis of Adkins and Cheurfi’s USPs, target audience, and competition to inform the marketing strategy.
  • Strategy and Planning: Delivered a detailed marketing strategy and plan, tailored to meet the agency’s objectives.
  • Brand and Website Development: Designed a modern brand identity and developed a new website to reflect this brand.
  • Photography and Social Media: Implemented a cohesive visual strategy with professional photography and enhanced social media management.

Results and Impact

  • Positive Feedback: Both clients and candidates have responded positively to the new brand and website, praising its modern look and user-friendly design.
  • Increased Engagement: The revamped social media presence has led to higher engagement rates and a broader reach.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Adkins and Cheurfi’s updated brand identity has significantly improved their reputation within the recruitment industry.

Client Testimonial

Working with dodio has been a transformative experience for our agency. Their strategic approach and creative execution have given our brand a modern edge that truly represents who we are. We’ve received fantastic feedback from our clients and candidates, and we’re excited to continue this journey with dodio. – Representative from Adkins and Cheurfi


dodio’s strategic and creative efforts have successfully modernised Adkins and Cheurfi’s brand, aligning it with their industry and personality. The new brand identity, coupled with a robust marketing strategy, has enhanced their market presence and engagement. The ongoing partnership aims to further raise brand awareness, improve reputation, and increase the number of clients and candidates.

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