It might come as a bit of a surprise, but the IT Sector, particularly online storage (websites, data, email) is responsible for a big old chunk of global carbon emissions…around 2%.

Jameson delivering website wireframe and page layout designs

That’s because all of that data stored “in the cloud” is actually sitting on a hard drive (or multiple hard drives), on a server, on a network, in a building with lights, HVAC and all kinds of other specialist equipment that like to greedily slurp a lot of power. In fact, if you have 1 terabyte of data stored in the cloud, it’s creating a carbon footprint of around 2 tonnes a year.

So what can we do about it?

Energy efficient website and data Storage

Once we realised the environmental effect of the many terabytes of client data we store, it was clear that our commitment to sustainability must start with our services.

Website Hosting

Over the past couple of years we’ve migrated all of our hosted websites and launched all new websites on carbon neutral hosting solutions powered by 100% renewable energy.

Efficiency is another key factor of green website hosting. Simply put, the more efficient your website and its hosting is, the less electricity it consumes. The software used on our web servers is constantly being optimised to reduce resources, for instance its new ultra fast PHP setup is improving website performance by 30% therefore using proportionally less energy.

Website Development

All of our websites are built with efficiency in mind. From snappy load speeds to the perfect, clutter free user experience our websites are naturally lean. As the saying goes; Great design is simple, that’s why it’s so complicated. This means your website is taking up as little space as possible. Our website maintenance and security service keeps it that way, as we continually improve your website platform and purge redundant data.

Data Storage

As an agency that shoots video, photography and provides design for print we store A LOT of data. You’ll be pleased to know that every single byte of it is stored in carbon neutral data centres in the cleanest cloud in the industry.

These steps mean that if you work with us, and we store your data we’ll be helping to reduce the impact of our workplace together.

Average Website Stats

CO2 produced with 10,000 monthly page views
That’s the same as boiling water for 8,500 cups of tea
The average website emits the same amount of corbon that 3 trees absorb in a year
requires 160kWh of energy per year, enough electricity to drive an electric car 1000km