Adopting the mythical four day week

There’s been a lot of noise around the successes of a shorter working week with Iceland recently introducing a four day working week nationwide and the world’s biggest pilot scheme currently underway, where thousands of British workers are involved in trialling a four day working week from June to December.

Some of the benefits reaped by this shorter working week have been higher productivity, improved mental health, lower level of absence and ultimately happier employees. We’ve always been passionate about wanting the best for the people behind the organisation – without them there would be no dodio. As the agency has grown and employed more members of staff,  we’ve focussed on improving wellbeing and mental health, even more so since the pandemic and currently there is a renewed focus due to the cost of living crisis. 

Before the agency was founded, when Chris and I had ‘normal’ day jobs, we had a drive to do things better – produce a higher quality of work, be more imaginative and creative and have an improved work / life balance. Starting the agency was an opportunity to do this and create a positive working culture and environment where people come first. Many people including colleagues and friends (as well as myself) have experienced negative (even toxic) working cultures, which has had a huge impact on them and is cited as one of the biggest factors on employee turnover. We have looked into and introduced many wellbeing initiatives over the last few years and being able to offer our staff an additional 52 days off work per year with no reduction in salary we feel will have the biggest impact yet on their mental health

We’re introducing the trial from 1st August until October, when we hope to make the four day working week permanent.

  • We will remain open five days per week
  • Staff will take either Monday or Friday off so they get a three day weekend
  • Staff are paid the same salary

The feedback from staff is extremely positive and they’re very much looking forward to the trial.

“Feeling fortunate and really excited about trialling the 4 day working week and getting that extra time to refresh and reinvigorate mentally and creatively. It should ease some of life’s pressures and hopefully help with focus and productivity going forward.” Jameson (Head of Design) 

So watch this space… I look forward to revealing how it’s going, what we’ve learned and if a business can truly improve its product and productivity whilst also improving the lives of its employees by adopting the mythical four day week!