Talbot Digital Inclusion Event

As Talbot Medical Centre’s marketing partner, we have recently supported them with their commitment to Digital Inclusion by researching and developing solutions to bring better access to information and care, increased convenience, and more opportunities for greater control of patients’ own health and shared care.

Through working with Talbot’s practice manager and senior staff we identified several opportunities which would have a substantial impact on digital inclusion within the community. One of which was to provide digital support to young people with asthma by providing access to online tools and resources to help them manage their condition remotely, with the aim to reduce severe attacks in young people as well as providing added value in the session through wellbeing support and activities.

It was decided that an Asthma and Wellbeing workshop for children was an ideal way to carry out the initial project and we quickly identified a delivery partner in Mindstars CIC who specialise in providing wellbeing sessions to children in Tyneside.

Alongside the workshop content creation, we began working on the recruitment campaign for the project developing fun creatives, visuals and copy to be used across various communication channels including; Facebook, Website and Print.

Talbot Digital Inclusion Event

We were also able to connect Talbot with another of our clients LM Global who are local and who were able to supply and manage devices (Tablets) for the workshop and future projects.

The session which was delivered in February not only covered Asthma and Wellbeing but where children could access the most relevant online resources, how to get online and access the resources safely and where in the community they could access WiFi and devices, if they didn’t have access to these at home.

We’re looking ahead to the next stage of the project to ensure that as many as possible of Talbot’s patients have access to their services and for their health care stakeholders to access more effective delivery of care, better outcomes and reduced costs.