We would like for you to get to know ‘us’ a little better, so we’ve interrogated our Marketing Director and gathered some information we thought you might find interesting …

Senga Crosby

Where did you grow up?

Sunderland – I’m a Mackem girl born and bred. I’m really passionate about the City and have been following all of the City of Culture news and although we lost to Coventry (well done Coventry) there’s been lots of the city showcased and the people of Sunderland really pulled together through the process. “If you don’t shoot you can’t score”

What is your role at dodio?

I’m the Marketing Director here in the studio, as we’re a small business I have a very hands on position, meeting clients and working on their marketing campaigns. I also help to drive our own business forward by keeping ahead of new trends and changes in our industry/sector which we also use to inform and educate our clients, so it’s a win win for all!

What is your favourite food?

Cheese. I love a bit of blue cheese, crackers, grapes …and of course a nice cheeky glass of red wine. (not whilst at work though…obviously 😉 )

What is your party trick?

No idea… I don’t think i have one, but I always make friends with the dog at a party

How did you come to work at dodio?

I’ve always worked in marketing (I love it!) I started out as Marketing Assistant at the North East BIC (where the business is now coincidently based), to a change of scene across to the other side of the world as Marketing Executive at The Empire Theatre in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia then onto Marketing Manager for coaches at Stagecoach back in the UK (yes this included megabus & Sid the mascot, where you could travel from just £1) and finally onto the Marketing Manager at SCS based in Sunderland City Centre before joining dodio in April 2015. Wow!

My partner Chris had been the business since 2011 offering Website Design as ‘Kean Media Ltd’ and recognised the need to provide a holistic approach to Marketing for his clients. With Chris’ skills and my experience in the marketing sector it made sense to combine these and expand the business offering a complete marketing solution all under one roof. And as they say ‘the rest is history’

What do you like to do in your spare time?

As corny as it sounds I love spending my spare time with my family, my partner Chris and my step son Alfie (as well as Jackson the dog) Although I get to work with Chris most days there’s nothing better than quality time with those you love!

I also like to read, I’m loving the LJ Ross books at the moment and do a bit of painting (mainly acrylics) although i’m not very good!

Best thing about working at dodio?

There’s lots of things I love about working at dodio, but my top 3 has to be;

  1. The amazing team i work with
  2. Being able to take Jackson my Cockerpoo to work with me
  3. The satisfaction I get from helping businesses to achieve their goals and succeed.

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A vet! I always wanted to be a vet and help animals in need but i’m too soft, I can’t even watch Super Vet on ITV without shedding a few tears… so the path I chose in life was to help people in business instead. I do however try to get involved with animal charities where i can and our chosen charity for dodio this year has been The Dogs Trust where we sponsor a lovable pooch called Seamus you can find out more about that little fella here (link)

What’s your plans for 2018?

Where does the time go? We have big plans…huge plans for dodio in the New Year starting with the release of a new promo video we’ve been filming and an updated website. We were lucky enough to work with some really interesting clients this year like Sunderland City Council and our relationship is continuing into the New Year. There’s been an increase in enquiries this month so we’re looking forward to working with a number of new clients after the year too. Our senior designer Jameson Lai will also be joining the team on a permanent basis yay and all this just in the first quarter so watch this space.